Q&A: On aging, longevity and chronic age-associated diseases

“The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important”

– Martin Luther King.

So many questions come to mind when we think of one of the most fundamental, unidirectional processes of life. Here, I will answer questions, mull over hypotheses and discuss new developments in the field of aging and age-associated diseases from a scientific and philosophical standpoint.

Q1: Is it possible to slow or reverse aging?

Q2: Is immortality possible?

Q3: Can eating less lead to longer life?

Q4: What is the role of stress? 

Q5: What is the role of yoga/relaxation?

Why do different organisms have different lifespans? Part 1

Q7: why do organisms have different lifespans – part 2? 

Q8:What is DNA damage repair? 

Note: Please send me any questions you have I will try to address them as well.


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