Bridging the gap

Apologies to the namesake clothing chain… but life is all about the gap!

There is the

generation gap,

gap in knowledge,

gap in beliefs

gap in trust

gap between individuals who have complementary talents… individuals who think alike but are separated by a gap – a sea of people so that they may never meet…

gap separating people who are physically together but mentally apart…

One major gap to bridge is that of the perception that science is somehow an esoteric fuzzy world not to be understood.

To bring the world of science to the community is a worthwhile effort. To spark the creativity and imagination of children, the holders to tomorrow’s dreams, is rewarding.

True science is not what is written in the school text books… not the facts alone… but is a way of thinking.

To be able to approach the world with curiosity, alert observation and inquisitiveness- that is the unlimited world of a scientist. There is never room for boredom, as there are so many unanswered questions. To the scientist, there are no answers, only hypotheses and tests of hypotheses. Science is where the dreamers and creative thinkers belong. The world of science is challenging, frustrating, fascinating and exciting all at once.

The gap between known and unknown is what drives the engine of scientific discovery… This gap can never be filled… and the questions can never all be answered…..

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One comment

  1. […] Never forget, research reporting is like the blind men and the elephant (*see poem below). The truth is somewhere … but what is reported may be an inaccurate or maybe even wrong interpretation. Sometimes, as in the poem, no one may be correct, and everyone may be wrong! Some scientific observations are simply coincidence. Let’s say a report says about a man who has hearing trouble that “he ate ice cream daily and he developed deafness”… well, the two facts may or may not be related. Media can report this as — “eating ice cream daily can cause deafness in some people!” However, to truly draw an association requires a cause-and-effect study in which say, a number of people are either fed ice cream daily for a period of time, or fed no ice cream, and their hearing is checked. Now confounding factors have to be accounted for – could it just be cold temperature? Or maybe any milk product will do? How about anything sweet… Perhaps there will be no difference between ice cream eaters and non ice cream eaters in hearing loss. You see? Many, many more studies need to be conducted on a larger scale to draw closer to the truth. So take it all with a pinch of salt! Oh, and keep working with me to bridge the gap… […]


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