Changing Times

My daughter understands time in a serial manner, the way in which it is presented in, say , a music clip or Youtube video. Those circular clocks with roman numerals are frustrating and truly are Roman and Greek and Latin. School books still cover clock reading, and we too try. But when time is available at the touch of a finger on a smart phone, why would a child bother to look for a clock? In fact, she finds it amusing that I look up at our old clickety clock out of habit when I want to know the time.
In a way, serial representation of time does make so much more sense… Today, while listening  to music and watching a dance on my smartphone, it was helpful in explaining the concept of rhythm, as the seconds progressed serially before our eyes, so we could calculate approximately how many beats were there per second. An early morning discussion sprung from this on fast and slow beats… I imagine she and I can soon talk about sound waves too, which I always visualize serially in my mind. Of course, in reality, sound travels in 3 dimensions… so am I wrong in asking whether time travels in multiple dimensions?

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