Aha! moments

Those moments of inspiration, the Aha! moments, can come at any time…. but most of the time, the mind is too cluttered with mundane routine to to get inspired. Creativity can not be forced. Brilliant pieces of writing, art or a memorable performance on stage cut above the ordinary when the performer is inspired. But most of the time, there is ‘writers block.’ Sometimes during a conversation with no aim, or a long walk through a park or city streets, inspiration hits.

Many years ago, while I was in graduate school, a professor, an MD PhD himself, and a busy one at that, would tell me how he got his inspirations. The eureka would happen in the morning shower, he would tell me. That was where all his great ideas were born.

For me, the most rejuvenating time has been during travel… long flights, away from daily noises, interruption… away from everything that makes my identity. There is nothing like getting mentally lost, only to rediscover yourself in a new and refreshing way.

Scientific discoveries are like that too… endless experimentation can never substitute for the rare but brilliant out-of-the-box eurekas that make one jump out of one’s seat…. the ones that reverberate… the ones that are timeless…



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