Sometimes not all the times,

Age 8 is a special time, when you are young, but get a little taste of being independent… when you begin to understand, begin to make decisions, immerse yourself into a book or activity, form bonds…
Health and safety awareness while part of life, perhaps is a bit theoretical at this point… here are some musings from my mother…

Ek Yatra

Cause that touches….unexpectedly!

Sometimes not all the times, One gets touched by unknowable feeling of loss of control.
The mind when trained to detach from personal loss, observes those feelings and moves to what can be controlled in given situation.
When I am merely 8 years old and asked to join a gun control protest, am I giving much thought into it or am I joining “just ‘cause it is a cause”?!

At same age my daughter ‘jump roped for heart’ from school for ‘American Heart Asssociation’ not knowing heart disease will strike some time in near future to her loved ones in family. Now She is even aware of many other deathly illnesses that struck my immediate as well as extended family.

Personally I myself remember joining yoga class at that age not knowing (nor caring) about benefits that were promoted than and are scientifically proven today.

Sometimes not…

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