Creativity in thinking

Creating Harmony

Today, with the amount of information out there in various means of media and networks, adults and children alike need to be able to:

  • filter information,
  • select right from wrong,
  • prioritize what to read, and
  • know what to trust

When it comes to medical research that is reported, do your homework:

  • ask for references,
  • is it published in peer reviewed journals or conference proceedings?
  • Ask a doctor or scientist to explain the information you read and verify whether it is true.

Never forget, research reporting is like the blind men and the elephant (*see poem below). The truth is somewhere … but what is reported may be an inaccurate or maybe even wrong interpretation. Sometimes, as in the poem, no one may be completely correct, and everyone may be wrong! Some scientific observations are simply coincidence. Let’s say a report says about a man who has hearing trouble that “he ate ice cream daily…

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