Peppers and peacocks

Deviating from routine can be disruptive… sometimes for the better!

Creating Harmony

Our routine and and desire to keep balance in our schedule gets completely thrown off sometimes. Those are the times we remember… the inertia is gone, there is something new, something weird, something awesome that happens and stays with us forever.

A spur of the moment picnic lead us to a magical place called Kavi where rivers meet the sea, and tides bring with them joy and amazement as the joining of fresh and saltwater is vivid before the eyes. A peaceful temple was built with passages for the tidal water to enter and flood the temple …. the water stored for use during low tide. A marvel in plumbing!

A stop on the way home for tea brought us to a rustic open air restaurant … among fields of peppers, eggplant, cotton and beans. On closer look into the fields … many things were moving! The curious eye picked…

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