About Nature’s Little Eurekas

Welcome to Natureka!

Here, NATURES’ wonders bring “EUREKA!” into our daily lives…

Here, we rejoice as we uncover countless mysteries…

Here we are all young, or young at heart…

Here we emerge from our shells and come together to be creative and innovative….

My name is Dr. Radhika Vaishnav, and I am the creative director of Natureka!

This blog is part of a greater movement to build a global think tank among the young, the curious, and the observant. The overall goal of Natureka Life Sciences is to bring people together across the continents, from diverse backgrounds, to solve nature’s mysteries or at least marvel at them together.

To those who are interested in guidance in creative thinking, research conceptualisation and science communication under the Natureka Life Sciences umbrella, you may contact me in person.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep dreaming and innovating! Keep pushing the limits!


Note: Copyright for picture and content belongs to Natureka!. However, you may share or reproduce the material as long as credit is given to naturekadiscoverers.wordpress.com and the author who has written the article.

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